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Website Creation by Clayfever Admin

If you like the look of this site and are looking to get a website for you or your business but don't know where to start then please use the contact form below to get in touch and discuss the options.

I am happy to look at everything from setting up everything from scratch to get your own email with your company name, a website with basic or more complex pages to integrating Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimisation.  


Clayfever website themes

I am happy to advise, or set it up and handover, or manage it for you once set up to make changes etc. 

As this is not my day job then I have to fit it in around things but equally, that helps to keep the cost down to you.

Just get in touch and we can discuss requirements/options

I would be the first to admit it is not on the same level as but I think it is pretty good, gets the message across and is based upon a technology that is endlessly flexible to create just about anything that your imagination comes up with.


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