How it Works

Pictures speak a thousand words - Some pictures to you give an idea on what you need to do to find the creative you.

1. Choose Your Item




We have an extensive selection of items for you to choose from.. Ranging from small animals, egg cups and saucers through tea pots, larger plates to large decorative items such as castles and larger animals and fun items.

2. Create!




Let your imagination flow.... We have a wide selection of paints in lots of colours.  We have brushes, sponges and stencils to help you or your children explore and create the perfect work of art!  

We are always on hand to offer help and advice to allow you to get the best out of your visit and ensure you enjoy your time at Clayfever!

3. We Fire your Item in our Kiln




Leave your item or items with us and we will take great care of your pride and joy whilst we  fire your creation in our state of the art kiln.  

4. Return and Pick up your Item




Take your masterpiece home and show it off to your family and friends!



Ceramic painting is for everyone! It is a relaxing way to unleash your creativity and make a piece of artwork which you can treasure or give as a gift.


There is a £3 studio fee per person which covers the use of the paint and brushes and the firing of your product then simply choose the item you wish to paint from a wide variety of pieces which range in price from £4 – £25.


Then sit back and let your imagination flow….you can paint for as long as you like, although the average time is between 1-2 hours. Our staff will be on hand to offer ideas and different ways to create special effects using some innovative tools.

Please have a look at our gallery pages to see some of the masterpieces our customers have produced.